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Our first show debuted Wednesday, Sept. 4 on KDWA AM 1460 Radio in Hastings, Minnesota.
You can listen each Wednesday by following the link below.
We will also post the info on our Facebook page. You can friend us at My Music Matters Radio Show to find out the latest about shows, guests, schedules and musical resources to be featured.
We hope you enjoy this new production and listen for exciting interviews from all kinds of people who believe that their music matters.

My Music Matters Radio Show is currently on hiatus as we are in production for several new shows. Be sure to check back for links to our latest musical offerings.

Audio files of previously aired My Music Matters Radio Shows:

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 Show #2 : Our second show features guests Sena Sebion, local folk group The Hartlanders, Hastings native Patrick Seiben,country artist Bucky Covington and national singer/songwriter Eric Hutchinson

Listen to Show #2

Show 3:  This show features the directors of the Hastings Raiders Marching Band, Emily Chandler and Josh Wahlstrom,River Valley Band Director Jim Jacobsen and Bill Busse,who directs a Spanish liturgy for a Southern Minnesota Church.

Listen to Show #3

Show 4: This show aired first on November 6, 2013- It features Terry Meyer Matier , executive director of Big Top Chautauqua; Hastings Band Director Kathy Warren, Patti Page expert Bill Busse, and a musical tribute to our Veterans.

Listen to show #4

Show 5- This show features members of HPAAC- Dick Graham,Deb Saunders, and Sarah Lockwood; 5th grade Hastings Band Director Katy Linne and Music Therapist Kristie Shaffer

Listen to Show #5

Show 6- This show features highlights from the Give Thanks Concert and includes music and interviews with Pastor Paris Pasch,Terry Crisp,Jeannie DeAngeles,Pamela Loicano, Casey Likes, Chris Koop and organizer, Pete Likes.

Listen to show #6

Show 7- Features highlights from the 2013 MN Music Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. Many interviews with inductees including Mary Jane Alm, Dennis Spears, Leon Olsen, as well as comments from representatives on behalf of Leo Kottke, the St. Olaf Choir and MMHF Director Dodie Wendinger.

Listen to show #7

Show 8- This is the first of the holiday themed shows featuring an enlightening interview with Sarah Lockwood about following a musical career. We also hear an inspiring story told by Liz Johnson about the healing power of music. Several of our favorite holiday tunes are sprinkled in to give you a true flavor of Christmas.

Listen to show #8

Show 9-

This show includes Stephen Matier from Different Drums of Ireland, Jorge Zea from Colombia South Americal, the classic poem of Christmas In the Trenches, and a recap of the first performance by the new string ensemble,Ponticelli.

Listen to show #9

Show 10- This show features LoRae Mills from A# Music, Ryan McCoy, director of Upstage Revolution show choir and the Seaton Singers, and selections from the Hastings High School Vocal Jazz and Jazz Band Holiday Concert.

Listen to show #10

Show 11- Our very first Christmas Day show, which features several classic holiday songs, musings and well wishes and a LIVE call from Santa Claus on Christmas Day telling us all about his nighttime travels.

Listen to show #11

Show 12- The first show of 2014 features band director Duane Oldham, concertina player Donnie Klossner, and a special tribute to former comedic musician Norm Berger. We also begin a new feature "Mystery Tune" and feature songs from Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Happy New Year!

Listen to show #12

Show 13- Very special show first broadcast on anniversary of Elvis's birthday, Jan. 8. Features more than 14 music clips, trivia, and special interview with Terry Klein.

Listen to show #13

Show 14- We welcome Dave "Lucky" Lemire with a discussion of his style of music making. We also catch up with Hastings Native Brooke Ellis as she shares her first recording project.

Listen to show #14

Show 15- This show features teachers using music in their language classes, Everly Brothers fan Carol Southward and another segment with storytelling guest Dave Perry.

Listen to Show #15

Show 16- This is our gift to winter weary listeners- our musical tropical vacation. Enjoy our songs of summer!

Listen to Show #16

Show 17- 4 new stories including Thanks for the Music, an ABBA Tribute group; Drummer Jim Gutzman: Angela Bruch discusses Hastings Show Choir and Part 1 of our 2 part talk with Lin Warren!

Listen to Show #17

Show 18- Features Duane Oldham, HHS Pep Band Director; Part 2 of our conversation with Lin Warren and exploring music with Pat Dymacek.

Listen to Show #18

Show 19- We welcome musican Pete Rivard, Hastings Mayor Paul Hicks and hear some musical thoughts recorded at our Mobile Radio Booth.

Listen to Show #19

Show 20- Today's show features Valentine Johnson, Jr. the Hastings Jazz Bands , verse 2 with Pat Dymacek,and more stories from our mobile recording booth.

Listen to Show #20

Show #21- This show welcomes guests Cress Gackle and Nicole Warner. And a few more stories from our mobile radio booth.

Listen to Show #21

Show #22- Enjoy our tribute to Ireland show with guests flutist Lori Goetz, singer/drummer Stephen Matier and from Celtic Woman, Lisa Lambe.

Listen to Show #22

Show #23: -Guests are Alan Saunders, Cody Arndtson, Tammy Rawling, and Mikaela Vogland.

Listen to Show #23

Show #24- Our Celebration Themed Show includes the Hastings Show Choirs

Listen to Show #24

Show #25- Today's guests include Sherwin Linton and his country history with Johnny Cash. Also we visit Josh Wahlstrom and discuss drumline advancement to WGI

Listen to Show #25

Show 26- Our visit to the South Dakota Rock & Roll Induction Event- Guests include Don Fritz, Ken Hoyne, John Senn, John Mogen, Dewey Hunt, Darrell Sumner, Doris Welle, Billy Snow, and DJ Mylan Ray. Also an update on the Eagan Drumline with Josh Wahlstrom.

Listen to Show #26

Show 27- We attend the Hastings Concert Series performance of Sirens of the 60's and talk to Colleen Raye-Also on the show is Dallas Clark and musician Brian Schommer.

Listen to Show #27

Show 28- This show features Black Dirt Theater team leader Andy Langenfeld, location interviews with Riverside Company show choir members with Directors Lin Warren and Upstage Director Ryan McCoy.

Listen to Show #28

Show 29- We visit performers at the Festival of Nations , Part 2 in our talk with musician Brian Schommer and we re-visit with the Hartlanders.

Listen to Show #29

Show 30- We preview some of the acts for our BandTastic Fundraiser and hear from some well known actors that sing too!

Listen to Show #30

Show 32- Guest Jim Curry, performing the music of John Denver

Listen to Show #32

Show 33- Music with a Message- Special Guest Larry Long

Listen to Show #33

Show 34- Our Disney Music Salute with special guests Cole Spavin and Sketch Gustafson

Listen to Show #34

Show 35- Featuring guests Cody Arndtson, Sean Kelly and Julie Zeidel.

Listen to Show #35

Show #40- Guest ,Samantha Kent and highlights from Hastings Sings Finals 2014

Listen to Show #40

Show 41- Guests are Nick Fox and SSP Mayor Beth Baumann

Listen to Show #41

Show 42- Northstar Concertina Club members and Squires Band drummer Tom Colosimo

Listen to Show #42

Show 43- Features Country Artist Tim Sigler and Saxophonist Dennis Sims

Listen to Show #43

My Music Matters Radio Show on KDWA 1460 AM, Hastings,station link.

We are always looking for new musical stories for our show. If you or someone you know has an interesting musical story, please contact Kelly.

You can reach her by email at mymusicmatters@kdwa.com You can also call her- 612-202-0802.

We'd love to share unique musical experiences with our audience and find out how music touches your life. Stay tuned for more links and information to be added in the coming weeks.

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