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Stories From the Stockyards

Thanks to all who contributed their story on a cold, raw day in April.
The ending of an era was just that, but as the many folks that passed
by our booth could attest...the people will go on.
I have visited both remaining MN markets in the last few weeks,
and continue to hear about the impact the SSP yard had on so many
different people. It has been nice sharing time with those of you
who have volunteered yet another viewpoint of that historic day. 

View this 8 minute Video preview of the hour-long DVD

The video above is a sample of the DVD now ready for mailing.
Cost of each DVD is 19.95 and includes tax and shipping costs.
We mail it out to you on the day we receive your check.

Checks should be made payable to : Experience Shows, Inc.
and mailed to : 12045 Point Douglas Drive South, Hastings, MN 55033
The show features clips of the last day, the memorabilia auction,
and 24 stories from those who stopped by
the Story Corral in the main event tent.
It would make a great way to tell the younger generation
what the SSP market  meant to you and to the world. 

Experience Shows, LLC.  12045 Point Douglas Dr., Hastings, MN  55033